World Spay Day

When an animal is spayed (female), its’ reproductive organs are removed, making it unable to go into heat or become pregnant. When an animal is neutered (male), it loses its’ testicles so that it cannot impregnate a female.

All surgeries are performed by a certified veterinarian. All animals are assured comfort while undergoing surgery, therefore the animal is put under anesthesia; that way they do not feel any pain procedures.

Your pet is a companion, a friend and a member of your family.

For every kitten or puppy that finds a happy home, several others are unwanted, unloved and possibly neglected or abused. Don’t be part of the problem…be part of the solution! Spaying and neutering your own pet not only helps reduce the number of unwanted pets, it provides long term benefits to your dog or cat.

Generally, veterinarians recommend that a female cat and dog be spayed at about 7 months of age. Male dogs and cats can be neutered at 7 months to one year of age. Your vet will be able to recommend the most appropriate time for your pet’s surgery.

Failing to spay and neuter dogs and cats is responsible for millions of unwanted animals living on the streets without homes or food or being killed all over the world. So while it might make you twinge to think of a day celebrating animal sterilization, the truth is, the pain of putting all those animals down is far harsher.

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  1. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    I recently rescued two kittens in a paper bag around my place which I plan to keep,,I’m hoping there’ll be a free spaying campaign in Nairobi soon

    • Marketing
      Marketing says:

      Hello Cathy. We have not planned a spay/neuter campaign as of yet, but once we do we’ll communicate to the public through our social media pages. Thank you.

  2. Ruth Awinja
    Ruth Awinja says:

    I would like to meet other dog owners and get my dog make friends and have quality play time.
    She is quite loving, energetic and playful.

    • KSPCA
      KSPCA says:

      Hi. The charges vary from one vet to another. The KSPCA is not licensed to offer private veterinary services unless it’s under a planned campaign in a given region, which we communicate to the public in advance.


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