I volunteer at the Kenya Society for Protection and Care to Animals (KSPCA) during the school holidays, and it hurts to see how many animals are rescued from bad situations.

I want to be a veterinarian when I finish my studies.

As a volunteer, I walk the dogs, groom the cats and put hay for the donkeys. When I began my work there, I learnt that animals that you see lying dead by the roadside have owners who do not take care of them. So they leave home in search of food, mates and water. Mostly they will hang around butcheries or restaurants looking for scraps to eat.

In this process they are hit, sometimes intentionally, by motorists. You can imagine the agony of such a cat or dog.

They might have had young ones and were looking for food for them. When you hit mama dog or cat with your car, boda-boda or matatu, the kittens and puppies lose their only parent.

If they are not old enough, they might die. If you see a cat, dog, donkey or goat crossing the road, please stop and let it cross without hooting as this may confuse the animal.


This abandonment damages the animals. At KSPCA, the animals are taught to trust again and be able to live with people in a home. When people come to the shelter to adopt animals, they find those that are ready to go home. If you ever consider keeping a pet bird, make sure that you take the cage outside so the bird has fresh air occasionally as they can get stressed if they are always indoors.  Make sure the cage is not too small and the water trough is not deep as the bird may drown, always keep birds in pairs so they are not lonely. Of course, keep the bird away from the family cat.

Some people keep fish in aquariums that are poorly designed and made.

Others put the aquariums next to a TV or speakers where there is a lot of noise or bright lights.

I appeal to the President to build a strong economy so that no family sleeps hungry. A hungry man will not have enough to feed a hungry pet.


Article by: Rehema Ntinyari, an eleven year old pupil at Crawford International School

Article Published by: The Daily Nation

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Great read and good insights about the welfare of pets! I trust that you will be an accomplished veterinary doctor in future.

  2. Vincent Nkundimana
    Vincent Nkundimana says:

    Reading this stunning story gives me delight and also makes me re-think how responsible I am for creating an even more better environment for kids such as Rehema for expanding their noble talents.Good job Rehema and great lessons to the humanity.


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