Locking up your dogs during the day

Many people lock up their dogs in boxes or crates during the day or when they are away, either to train them or to ensure that they will become better guard dogs. While there are instances where it might be acceptable to enclose your dog in a small area (such as when it has been advised by your veterinarian due to recent injury or surgery, or for safety reasons when traveling in a car) any other reason to lock up your dog in a box or crate is unacceptable.

Your dog has feelings

As sentient beings, dogs not only have basic needs such as hunger, thirst and social interaction but dogs can feel the same emotions as humans, such as; happiness, pain, frustration, loneliness and pleasure.  Animals’ feelings are very much dependent on interaction and stimuli from the external environment, for example smells, sounds or movement. Being locked up in a cage limits how dogs can respond to the environment and how they learn to cope with challenges.

Why we don’t cage dogs

Crating or locking up dogs in boxes is cruel. It can cause separation anxiety, depression, fearfulness, ‘cage rage’ and other behavioral problems. Often cages are kept outside in the sun without adequate shade or ventilation, or are small and uncomfortable. Dogs are essentially locked up in ‘solitary confinement’ with no social contacts or possibilities of interaction with other animals. All of these are animal welfare issues and punishable by law, not to mention deeply distressing for the dogs themselves. Chaining a dog is as bad as locking up in a cage and is illegal in Kenya!

Why we prefer NOT to tether

Tethering a dog with a long rope is marginally better than a cage or chain, provided that the dog has adequate space to move around in, fulfills all the requirements of appropriate shelter and is made from a material that will not cause harm or discomfort. The dog should be attached with a soft harness and no piece should be self-strangulating.


Click here to read more from PETA.


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