Who We Are

In a Few Words…

KSPCA is the only animal welfare charity in Kenya protecting animals from neglect and abuse. We rely on the help of volunteers, voluntary fundraising and donations to carry out our important work, so your support is invaluable to us!

Since the society’s formation one hundred years ago, KSPCA has grown and is well known for animal rescue and rehabilitation. Our headquarters on Langata Road, Karen were established in 1983 when land was purchased and kennels and a small cattery were built. KSPCA also has offices providing relief to animals in Naivasha and Mombasa.

We firmly believe that educating younger generations is the best way to raise standards of animal care in the future and encourage school children to visit the shelter and learn about animal welfare. In the last twenty years we have seen an encouraging change in attitudes to animals, though there is still a long way to go.

“Living with animals can be a wonderful experience, especially if we choose to learn the valuable lessons animals teach through their natural enthusiasm, grace, resourcefulness, affection and forgiveness.” – Richard H. Pitcairn

Our Mission & Vision

KSPCA’s vision is a Kenyan society living with happy and healthy animals, showing compassion towards them. Our mission is to care for animals and protect them from stress and cruelty through rescue, community education and enforcement of animal welfare laws in Kenya.

Our Objective

This we aim to achieve by promoting the protection of all kinds of animals, preventing cruelty to them, rescuing and relieving animals from all manner of suffering.


Our Team

Netty started the Naivasha KSPCA in 1995, and has been very involved with the KSPCA ever since. She hates...
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Emma Naylor-Ngugi
Emma has served as KSPCA Executive Officer since August 2022. Her professional background is in human...
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Gillian Bailey
Gillian is the current Vice Chair for KSPCA.  She has been helping the KSPCA in different capacities...
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Laura Wessman
Dr. Laura Wessman
As a veterinary surgeon with nearly 30 years of small animal experience and a background in animal welfare...
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