The Unsung Heroes

I always look forward to an afternoon at KSPCA. It is an afternoon to do two things – appreciate and celebrate the unsung heroes that are the staff and volunteers, and spend time with the animals, especially the dogs; for I am very much a dog person.

Earlier this month was no exception. After an unprecedented year in terms of a global pandemic and economic downturn, not to mention the tragedies of loss it is very heartwarming to see dogs that have suffered the trauma of amputated paws and legs still have the energy and friendliness to come and say hello to you like a long lost friend. It is also very heartwarming to see the other dogs become excited when you approach.

Breaking bread with the wonderful team who still do this amazing work is an opportunity to celebrate these unsung heroes that we often forget do a lot behind the scenes to rescue, treat and care for the animals. It is a difficult job at the best of times, and even more so given the 2020 we have had. I tremendously enjoyed the visit, as did my friend Freddie. I wish to thank the team for their tireless work and encourage them as they continue to do their best for animals.

Conrad Akunga

KSPCA Member and Supporter

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