camelsTwo camels were arrested by KSPCA. They had been left at Waithaka for two days, one tied to a bush the other wandering around terrifying the residents. Two of our staff had to walk them over to KSPCA which took some time as camels do not walk very fast and it is quite a long way. The handlers turned up next day with an impressive tale of having been approached by people at City Park, where they were giving rides to the  public, who wanted to use the camels in a film. They alleged they had been wined (sodas) and dined by the people and then passed out only to find their camels gone when they woke up.

Somehow they traced them to Waithaka to be told we had them. The boys were able to indentify some markings on the camels when we asked them and also when the camels saw them they came over to greet them. So we gave them back next day after a donation was given to KSPCA.

We will probably never find out the truth of the matter. We just hope that they take better care of the camels in future.

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