KSPCA in collaboration with Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics (RVWC) visited Lorubai village in Samburu County during the last week of January 2018. The main objective was to carry out spaying, neutering and vaccinations for all animals in Lorubai village and its immediate environ. These services were provided to the community courtesy of RVWC.

The Campaign took a period of 5 days and they were able to spay 22 cats and dogs, neuter 37 cats and dogs and vaccinate 100 animals including 28 donkeys. All these animals also benefited from the deworming treatment.

The KSPCA team was represented by Dr. Ismail Thoka (KSPCA Vet) and Fred Midikila (KSPCA Field officer) while RVCW’s team was represented by Dr. Anne Minihan,Liz Higgins,Lori Donley,Tanya Somerville and Catherine Wood. Also there were veterinary technicians Jesse, Crystal and Kate.