KSPCA Naivasha (November)

Rescues and Investigations We were notified of some donkeys at North Kinangop, that are usually used for collecting milk from the dairy farmers and taking the milk to cooling plants. The donkeys are believed to be overworking. We went to investigate the matter, and cautioned the owners and users against overloading and whipping the donkeys,

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KSPCA Naivasha (October)

The Naivasha shelter is currently home to 39 dogs, 12 cats and 3 donkeys. The shelter is under renovation courtesy of KENTAYLA. They are helping us tile the office, clinic, staff quarters and the kennels. They have also constructed the parking shade of the vehicle and soak pit. Dr. James came from the Nairobi shelter

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KSPCA Naivasha

Rescues and Investigations We held a meeting with donkey owners and users at Naivasha town, that was sponsored by the Farming Systems in Kenya. We addressed the general welfare of donkeys, and explained in detail about the 5 animal freedoms. We came across this wounded donkey that was being made to work at Kinangop. We

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