KSPCA Mombasa (November)

Animals: We had a relatively busy month with all sorts of things going on.  We had a large number of very small kittens brought in, far too young to have no mother. We also had a number of puppies brought in and unfortunately one lot went down with Parvo. Fortunately, this was contained quickly. We sterilized 10

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KSPCA Mombasa (October)

Animals:  We had quite a busy month besides all the dogs and cats that we admitted and rehomed. We had a total of 23 dogs and 56 cats admitted, and re-homed 12 dogs and 13 cats. We also took in 10 donkeys – 5 adults and 5 foals of various ages.  The KSPCA Animal Welfare Officer, Ian, came

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KSPCA Mombasa (September 2022)

Animals: September was generally quiet. The weather is hot and humid now, which means that we are starting to have a flea problem again. We re-homed 5 dogs and 22 cats, and neutered 8 dogs and 24 cats. We admitted in 18 dogs and 86 cats. A large number of the cats were very tiny kittens with no mother

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KSPCA Mombasa

Animals: August was incredibly quiet with very few visitors. Most hotels were empty. As a result there was very little left over food available for us.  We admitted 6 dogs and 74, and rehomed 8 dogs and 15 cats. We had many tiny kittens brought in. We have a serious stray cat problem here and have

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