Following reports from concerned members of the public of dog hawkers at the Ruaka roundabout, KSPCA moved in to ensure this vice comes to an end. KSPCA decide to take the approach of educating the hawkers on the law and on animal welfare instead of raiding the place and confiscating the dogs. In the past, KSPCA staff have been physically assaulted as they were confiscating dogs being sold by hawkers. Thus this time, the society opted to educate the hawkers first before taking legal action.                                        

Fig 1.1 – Some of the puppies being sold at Ruaka

On visiting the location, several dogs were found tethered on chains and in the sun with no food or water. KSPCA educated the hawkers on the laws they were breaking according to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act CAP 360. This activity was carried out in collaboration with the Kiambu County Department of Veterinary Services Officers and the Kenya Police. The dog hawkers were advised on alternative and humane ways of doing their business without displaying the dogs out in the open in the sun. They were also warned that any time they are seen selling the dogs in public spaces in this inhumane manner, they will be arrested as they are now fully aware of the laws they are breaking.

Fig 1.2 – Dr. Diana Onyango (KSPCA) addressing the dog hawker.


Fig 1.3 – KSPCA Senior officer, Ben Atsiaya and Dr. Njoroge from the county department veterinary services of Kiambu county accompanied by 2 policemen.

The County Vet officer and the police have also committed to be more vigilant of these hawkers and arrest them when they are seen selling dogs in this manner again.

This activity was sponsored by a concerned citizen, Giles Littlewood.

Theo, who came from Germany while doing his PhD research for his thesis on road lapse had a donkey which carried his belongings from Isiolo to Baringo in Nginyang. Theo fell in love with the donkey such that he needed to give it to a home or an organization that would treat him right and not use him for money benefits.


Overtime, Theo has been in touch with KSPCA and once he finished his research we organized to pick the donkey. Upon arrival we found a large area, flooded with water due to the heavy rainfall, we waited for long hours and we managed to cross over. The donkey is now safe at the KSPCA Naivasha office.