Dear friends,

In weeks, thousands of pups could be bludgeoned, bled, or boiled to death, then eaten at a famous dog meat festival in Yulin, China. Many are stolen pets, tortured because slaughterhouse workers are in a hurry to make as much money as possible.

The Chinese government wants to improve their global reputation and if we show them millions of us around the world want this horrific puppy slaughter shut down immediately, we can finally get them to act.

Dog being tortured at the festival

Dog being tortured at the festival

Once we hit one million, Avaaz will take out ads in international newspapers and get major celebrities to join too — making it impossible for President Xi and Yulin authorities to ignore our call. Add your name now then forward to everyone:

Click here to sign the petition

Yulin authorities are feeling the pressure — they withdrew their sponsorship of the festival and even banned their employees from attending. Thanks to brave Chinese activists, the festival gets smaller each year, and if millions of us raise our voices now, we can save thousands of pups from unimaginable torture.

Time is running out. Sign the petition then forward this to friends and family — let’s make this huge!

With hope,

Rewan, Nick, Patricia, Jooyea, Aften, Alice and the entire Avaaz team

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