The KSPCA is called upon to carry out many and varied rescue operations.  The latest one has involved Marabou storks. These birds have been living happily in the Acacia trees in the grounds of the Kenyatta International Conference Centre for many years. However there are two big events coming up. One is about cancer awareness and the other involves President Obama.

Unfortunately having a big population of birds means that there is a lot of evidence of their presence on the ground and a certain amount of odour. So it was decided that the birds must find somewhere else to live.  This entails cutting the tree branches so the birds cannot perch.  Unfortunately there were nests with young birds involved.  So the KSPCA having a lot of experience in this type of operation, we were asked to help. Because the trees are in the car park the work had to be done on a Sunday, in fact it took two Sundays.

A City Council fire engine was put at our disposal. It has an impressively long ladder with a platform on the top which was ideal for our purpose.  So we set to work. The nests were inside the foliage which is thorny. Our new Field Officer Paul Mifunyi, being the youngest of our field staff and not afraid of heights, took on the task of getting the chicks out of the nests.  It was a long laborious task but in the end over eighty young birds were rescued.

As we at KSPCA know very well, it is not the end, just the beginning. There are now all these mouths to feed. Fortunately we have a very willing volunteer who is keeping them at her premises in the meantime. She has an amazing maid who is an expert at being a surrogate parent.  These are the kind of volunteers KSPCA  needs.

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