In most common cases we always hear dogs barking and sometimes we feel that its “normal” but reality is when you hear a dog making so much what we call ‘noise’ then something is a miss. A concerned neighbor reported to us from Ongata Rongai that they have been hearing two dogs bark for a very long time and when they tried to peep they would see that these dogs were hurting and would even go for days without food because they were not sure who was taking care of them.



Days went by, and after some days she could no longer hear the two dogs barking anymore and what she heard was one dog barking and she assumed that either the other one is badly hurt or dead. She called us and when we went there, unfortunately we found the other dog lying there helplessly and it was too late to save him. We managed to rescue one dog and he is now at the KSPCA being taken care off and being fed enough so that he can return his strength back.

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