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Puppies rescued in Roysambu

We received a call from a lady in Roysambu who got our emergency contacts from our website and immediately reported that some puppies had been neglected and she could see them from her house. The call came in at around 10pm and we promised to act the following day.

The weather was bad the following day and considering it had rained the previous night and since the puppies slept outside they were soaking wet, the poor puppies were very cold. We asked around if anyone knew where the mother was and the boys who had gathered to witness the rescue took us to the mother who had an injured front leg and half of the leg was rotten and hanging. We managed to catch her and the hanging piece fell off due to her resistance.

The mother and puppies are now in our shelter. The puppies are happier now and the mother is receiving treatment from our Vets. She might join our residential dogs or she will find a good home.

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