While some do not see pit bulls as sweet, adorable creatures who need a forever home just as much as any breed of dog, Chester the pit bull is out to destroy this false stereotype. He was able to finally receive the forever home he had always desired, thanks to the work of a shelter worker and the awesome power of social media.

This dog was forced to spend the vast majority of his first six years of existence living in a shelter. Poor Chester had to watch as dog after dog after dog was given a home to live in. He spent years waiting for someone to come along, someone who could rescue him from the harsh realities of his existence.

The shelter manager finally decided to take matters into her own hands and do whatever she could to expedite Chester’s adoption process. She took a picture of a pitiful looking Chester, with a sign that asked why no one would adopt him, since everyone at the shelter considered him to be a very good boy. The sign also called attention to the fact that he had patiently waited for five long years.

Chester definitely has a flair for the dramatic, as he flashed his best cute puppy dog face. This allowed his photograph to go viral and tug at the heart strings of dog lovers all over the United States. Once the shelter manager took the picture and uploaded it to Facebook, it was shared over 20,000 times.

She then received inquiries from everywhere on the map, as families asked about Chester’s availability. Chester’s note also included a promise to be as well behaved as possible, while continuing to love his new family with all of his heart. As he continued to sit and wait for his forever home to reveal itself, the most amazing thing happened.

It took just two days for Chester to find the family he had been seeking for so long. A family with two young boys came into the shelter and they immediately got along so well with Chester, they decided to take him home. Adi and Dana Or were happy to adopt Chester and Adi told the media that he felt as if their union were meant to be.

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I am glad Chester was adopted after 5 years. Personally, I am surprised as some of the pet officers I saw were not keen on Showing the dogs and explaining much on them, or telling you dogs were taken,which left me with a lot to be desired about kspca and I never returned. Perhaps he, Chester, was a victim of such officers. At last with online help, dogs will now get homes after all. Kudos for this move.

    • KSPCA Shop
      KSPCA Shop says:

      Hello Lisa, we apologise for the treatment you got while visiting us here. In future, report such officers to the office immediately. The story of Chester shared on our page happened in a different shelter / country not at the KSPCA. Regards, R.W


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