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Dealing with problematic animals humanely


The KSPCA is licensed to conduct cremations for membersIf you would like your pet to be cremated, you need to be a KSPCA member or sign up for KSPCA membership as part of the process. 

Private cremations

A service in which the remains of your pet are properly disposed by incineration. The ashes are prepared by our caring staff and given back to you in a biodegradable bag or box. We can also host a small memorial service to say final goodbye before the cremation takes place. We can offer urns for long term storage and transport if you need it.  

This is a bespoke service and we will give you a personalized quotation. Costs start from KES 20.000 depending on the weight of the animal and on the other services you choose.  We can discuss the options with you.  

Collective cremations

A service in which the remains of your pet are disposed of in a clean and hygienic manner and ashes disposed into a special ash pit by our caring and supportive staff. For this particular service, ashes are not returned to the owner. 

Prices range from KES 5.000.