KSPCA wants to take a moment to recognise, thank, and share the amazing work that 9 year old Odin Berkenpas is doing to raise funds for the KSPCA. A few weeks ago Odin and his friend Omi raised Ksh 40,000 to support the animals at KSPCA through a delicious, and very successful bake sale.

Odin didn’t want to stop there, he has since gone on to look at how he can support us further during COVID-19. He has set up a fundraising page which has already raised $9907!! Odin’s target is an incredible $15,000.

Please share and tag as many people as possible to support Odin while he supports us! You can donate here: https://fundly.com/kspca-covid-19-support


Latest update from Odin:

Update #14: Hi everyone, Odin’s Mom here. The boys have still been hard at work for the animals. They broke $10,000 (actually they are at $10,359 USD and $15,016 AUD). They are going for $15,000. If you have a friend or business or see a kind stranger in the street that you think could help, let them know!

Update #13: I made a mistake, we are at $9,000 not $9,900.
I fixed the video and am sorry everyone.
$1,000 left to go. Please help us!

Update #12: Hi everyone!!! We broke $9,900 today. We are so close to reaching our $10,000 goal of providing 2 months of support to KSPCA. Oscar came up with a great idea about how to raise money…see what he did on our new video:


Update #11: HI everyone, sorry that I have not updated in more than a week! I had to finish all of my 3rd grade work because it was the end of school. Don’t worry, Oscar and I are still hard at work!!! Last night, the actor Adrian Grenier wrote back to the message I sent him!!!! He said “good work brother, I will definitely donate” and so I made him a video thank you! Here it is:


Also, we are at $8,805 USD and $12, 763 AUD!!!

Oscar did something SO SO SO COOL to raise money for KSPCA. He is making a video to share with you all tomorrow.

Love, Odin


Update #10: Hi everyone!! Please watch my video to see my surprise. Even though I reached out to lots of famous people I realized that joining forces with a friend would be an even better way to reach my goals. We have learned a lot about change makers at our school and working together is a big part of making change. Like I said in my last update….



#OdinAndOscar Help KSPCA

Please, please share with anyone that can help us reach our goals!!!!!


Update #9: You guys rock!!!! We just broke $8,000 thanks to Mom’s friend from work Suli giving us $100. I can’t believe it! We have $230 in offline donations!!!!

Update #8: Hi everyone. This is Erica, Odin’s Mom. His video took a long time tonight and we made him go to sleep but I promised I would post it here tonight so here you go. Thank you all for your support – it means the world to him and you are all helping him realize that kids can. make a difference.


Update #7: Hi everyone!!! Happy Friday!!! We are at $7243 on the site and I raised another $120 offline!!!! I had so much schoolwork this week so I didn’t make another famous person video but I am going to do one this weekend. I don’t know if I will get to $10,000 but I am going to try. Please, please share the page with your friends!!!!! Thank you!!!! Here is the link: https://fundly.com/kspca-covid-19-support

Update #6: Today we broke $7,000 all by ourselves without any famous people. I am really proud of us that over 120 people came together and raised this much money for animals that need help!!!!!!! Don’t you worry, I am still going after famous people I just have to decide who is next. I am doing my research now!!!!!!!! Here is a video from today:

Update #5: Good morning from Kenya. I made a new video for Steve-O and his service dog Wendy that he found in the streets of Peru. If you don’t know the story you can watch it here: https://www.livekindly.co/vegan-jackass-star-steve-o-to-open-animal-sanctuary/ He is trying to open a sanctuary for all animals and I am going to try to donate to them. He curses a lot just so you know if you watch him. He used to be a crazy stunt guy and so this is my video for him:

Update #4: Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day. I am so thankful for my Dad’s service today and also that I just broke $6,500. I did Instagram messages to a ton of famous people on Mom’s phone like Barack Obama, Oprah, Ellen, Jane Goodall, Russell Simmons and like 15 more people. I am going to start to make some videos for them too. I made this one today for three of my biggest heroes Megan Rapinoe, Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger:

I have been making updates everyday for Mom to post on Facebook and Instagram but if you aren’t on those places you can. see them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgobfhmE3TzcYt10l9mplYw

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