Nairobi County Introduces Bill To Fine Barking Dogs

Dog owners in Nairobi county should prepared to be fined for failing to keep their canines quiet is a Bill goes through.

The Bill at the county assembly proposes to have city residents fined KSh 5,000 if their pets bark for more than six minutes within an hour.

“A person shall not keep any dog which barks, yelps, howls or whines for more than six accumulated minutes in an hour or more than three accumulated minutes in half an hour.

A person who contravenes the provisions of this Act or fails to comply with any order or direction given under this Act shall be punishable with a fine not exceeding KSh 5,000,”  the Nairobi City County Dog Control and Welfare Bill, 2015, states.

The Bill sponsored by Kayole South MCA Elizabeth Manyala also wants all dogs above six months old to be licensed and tagged with symbols bearing Nairobi county marks. Those without tags shall be seized and owners will have to pay a fine of between KSh 2,000 and KSh 5,000 to have them back.

To protect the dogs’ welfare, the proposed law prohibits a person from keeping or leaving a bitch on heat in any place which will permit a male dog to approach it.

Nairobi county assembly has been on the spot for poor legislative record having passed only two Bills in 14 months to August.

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  1. TJTwibill
    TJTwibill says:

    dogs noise can be a nuisance to neighbours. it amazes me how dog owners dont seem bothered by the constant hysterical yapping/barking.
    people you have an obligation to not disturb the peace of your neighbour. thats to bottom line, dont give me all that rubbish about who what when barking dogs are a nuisance and its your duty as the owner to keep them quiet, OR GET RID OF THEM!

  2. Mary thongoh
    Mary thongoh says:

    I understand the bill was passed into law. What did KSPCA do being the key custodians of dogs rights. And is this country starting to legislate mediocrity. dogs are part of of wholesome human society. They are part of the medical system, security system even being used to assist with drugs detection in our airports. Does this MCA know the value of well harnessed and integrated dogs not human society?

  3. Edward
    Edward says:

    If dogs were like humans, this bill amounts to hate speech and contravenes their freedom of expression. These guys should think of better bills that improve livelihoods….

  4. Ngatia
    Ngatia says:

    Are dogs not supposed to bark. who will keep a record how many times or how long a certain dog has barked.
    How will they prove in court that the recorded bark sound is that of my dog not another?
    Dogs have rights. Dog lovers keep them for popurse.
    That law is bad.

    • AG
      AG says:

      I’m an animal lover but I am against especially dogs being held in apartments. You will then hate dogs if you are a neighbor because of continuous barking, whining etc all night, everyday….. we have an on going case where I live. In as much as I like be pets I hate captivity.

  5. Sheila Wamahiu
    Sheila Wamahiu says:

    Seriously, don’t the honourable MCA’s have anything better to do? And isn’t this BIll a violation of the rights of dogs not to allow them to express themselves? I agree with Mimo Waiyaki, could you please guide us on what we can do to prevent such a ridiculous Bill to be made into law? Surely, by now a petition should have been going around.

  6. Dr nganga
    Dr nganga says:

    Mungu atuonekanie. Brains and beauty are not equal. Am volunteering to remove all the voice cord from dogs for free. The law enforcers are relatives of equal education backgrounds.

  7. Melanda
    Melanda says:

    Along with Mimo I would like to have guidance from KSPCA on how to submit comments/objections to the detail of the bill. Nuisance barking is a problem, but this law is overly restrictive and unreasonable.

  8. Mimo Waiyaki
    Mimo Waiyaki says:

    Please inform us how far in the process this bill has reached and the deadline for receiving comments for/against it. Please also guide us on the most effective way to lobby against County Assembly bills.

  9. sarah
    sarah says:

    Clearly they have nothing else to do rather than come up with such petty sideshows. As a dog owner, dogs don’t just bark as if recording a song. How can we make sure time and taxpayers resources are not wasted in such hooliganism??


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