Muddy Matters

Life at the KSPCA is always extreme. We all, human and animals alike, were devastated at the death of Mkombozi, a truly unique and remarkable dog. Her story captivated the world when she rescued a new born human baby and carried it to safety. I spent many hours talking to her, she was such a fine and dignified old lady and she was bewildered by the reaction to what for her was a natural response, saving the life of a new born. She adored human children and after this became her new home loved being taken out to schools to meet them, her one sadness was to not be re-united with the human baby she rescued and she often wondered what happened to her. I personally tolerate mini-humans, they can be rather quaint but do have a tendency to pull on my tufty hair and poke my ears amongst other things.

Otherwise we have been incredibly busy, one day I went along to supervise the rescue of a horse that had fallen in fallen in huge pit filled with water and black cotton mud. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was a particularly rank mud pit but the humans who slipped around yelling and screeching didn’t seem too happy. Eventually they had to call KK out to help with an amazing thing – humans call it a fire engine. This distracted me from supervising the rescue while I explored it; the cab was filled with an alarming amount of levers and buttons and for some reason a human wearing a very odd hat didn’t appreciate me testing the levers out especially when an enormous ladder appeared out of nowhere. I told Percival about this when I got back to the KSPCA and he was astounded. Why you would have a red monster that has a hidden ladder baffled us. Anyway, with my help, the horse was pulled out of the glutinous mud with a satisfying plop and apart from being a bit deaf after all the yelling during the excitement was none the worse for the experience and even said that he would love to do it again as the mud bath had done wonders for his coat, apparently humans pay a fortune for this experience.

One of my worst nightmares is happening – a rabies outbreak. There have been anfrightening amount of rabies cases being reported in the Lenana area. The humans here have had to arrest several poor deranged dogs that have contracted this terrible disease. It really is the most awful thing and so unnecessary, if only humans would vaccinate us then it would never happen. I will not go out on these rescue missions, I find it far too upsetting to see a dog that through no fault of his own is in the throes of agony and madness. I am just grateful that the humans here can deal with it and make the community safe again for both humans and animals. They even arrested a goat that had caught the disease, a terrible sight to see. I know the humans here are mounting a rabies campaign at the moment, vaccinating dogs in Lenana and other areas which will help stop this disease. I really do find humans hard to understand sometimes, I was watching the news the other day and see that there is an outbreak of something called Ebola and now a fortune is being spent trying to discover the cure and isolate infected humans. We have a vaccination for rabies, we have had it for many years but most humans are unaware of it or just simply cannot afford it. Oh well, one day a human will listen to me, I do try and tell them but they can be quite impawssible.

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