Miss Piggy in Karen?

pigFollowing a complaint about a thin pig wandering about on the road beside a school in Karen, KSPCA staff visited the pig sty across the road. There were twenty three pigs in there, the stys were filthy and some of the pigs were the thinnest we have ever seen. The owner, the headmistress of the school, was advised on proper care and warned that she was committing an offence. Her son promised to supervise the feeding.

However when we paid a return visit, some of the pigs were a bit better, but five others were not. Those we took into care and within a short time they looked quite different which proves that they were not getting enough food. They are currently enjoying life at the KSPCA. We were told that the pigs were being kept to teach the pupils about livestock rearing.

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  1. jimmyphone
    jimmyphone says:

    somebody has beaten my small pig, it can’t even stand by itself, i just want to know where i report this incident coz especially phone contact


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