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Pets provide a sense of meaning or purpose. Losing someone you love is devastating, and the same applies for the death of a pet. While some people may not understand the depth of feeling you had for your pet, we at the KSPCA understand, and give you room to grieve your beloved pet.

As part of our member services, the KSPCA provides a dignified and personal cremation service for your pet. We know it’s difficult to bid them goodbye which is why we are here to walk with you through the journey. Our staff will be here to welcome and attend to you and answer any queries that you may have.

All individual pet cremations take place in our purpose-built and licensed cremators. Your pet will be put in their own chamber to ensure you receive only your pet’s ashes if you wish to collect them. We provide urns and other items to help you remember your loved ones.

For these services, please call 0790 495 642



Are you concerned about your pet getting lost or stolen? At KSPCA, we receive a lot of lost animals, many of whom are never reunited with their families. This is heart-breaking for the pet as well as the family. Microchipping can save your pet’s life.

Also, if you are likely to travel internationally with your pet, it is almost certain that microchipping will be a requirement for the travel process, and in any case it is a legal requirement in many destination jurisdictions.

A microchip is a tiny chip inserted under the skin with a needle, like a vaccination. In case of a pet being lost or stolen, a registered microchip will identify the animal and help to trace its owner. Unlike a collar and nametag, it is very unlikely to disappear and lasts for life. It can work for almost any animal that is old enough and healthy enough. It is a quick and simple process with only a little discomfort involved. KSPCA uses microchips that meet ISO standard and are approved for use in the US.

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