The KSPCA would like to sincerely appreciate Rose Caldwell for being a great KSPCA ambassador at Timau region. She is the only remaining authorized KSPCA official in Timau, where she works alone, and is famously known as Mama Punda.

In the recent past she has vaccinated 130 dogs against rabies and dewormed them. She charges Ksh 50 only for rabies vaccination, but for any other issue she does not charge anything.

Donkey matters are quite a problem in Timau. Rose has dewormed and vaccinated over 63 donkeys in the recent past.  She has helped to make donkey carts for the donkey users. Each donkey cart has a number and people are good at ringing contacting her if they see a donkey being overloaded or mistreated. On the 3rd offence, the cart is confiscated. She has also done her best to provide padding for the harnesses and has also employed a man in Timau who helps to monitor the donkey’s welfare. The police in Timau are very cooperative and they help Rose a lot.


With the help of friends and supporters, she built a donkey hospital where they take in donkeys in need of treatment. On Saturday, 7th November 2020, she held a dog clinic at Timau where she dewormed and vaccinated many dogs.


Many thanks Rose!

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