Love Your Pet Day

How’s your relationship with your favorite furry friend? Love Your Pet Day is a chance to show your pet how you really feel about him/her. There are various ways you can celebrate this special with your pet:

a) Adopt a pet

The ultimate way to celebrate ‘Love Your Pet Day’ is to get a pet of your own to love. If it’s within your means, consider adopting a pet in need of a home. Here at the KSPCA we have many lovely pets in need of new homes.

b) Give your pet something new

Something new can range from a toy, a feeding bowl, a road trip or a visit to the beach to feel the breeze.

c) Spa visit for your dog

Schedule a trip to pet groomer for a bath, nail trim or a new hair cut. Your dog will definitely feel and smell better.

d) New friend

If your pet enjoys the company of other pets, a play-date is an easy and fun way to let him/her burn off energy and get some valuable social time with fellow pets. If you have friends with pets, they might also be up for a play date. However, it’s important to note that not all pets enjoy the company of other fellow pets.

e) Extra play time

Keep your pet healthy and active. A few new toys and extra walk around the block will definitely  make your pet happy.

f) Photoshoot

Capture the best moments of your pet and print out your favorite pics.  Nothing says “I love my pet” more than telling the whole world he or she is the best!


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