Following the case whereby a donkey in Meru County was painted with Jubilee colours and symbols, The Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA) acted immediately and visited Meru county where we met Mr. Brian Murithi from Buuri constituency who painted a donkey with Jubilee political party’s colors and used for campaigning. KSPCA condemns in the strongest terms possible the incident where a donkey was abused for a political party campaign. This is in contravention of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act CAP 360 in the following sections:

1. Section 3 (1) (g) willfully, without reasonable cause or excuse, administers any poisonous or injurious drug or substance to an animal or causes any such substance to be taken by an animal; The paint used on the animal is corrosive to the skin and the chemical substances will seep through the skin, into the system and cause diseases to the donkey.

2. Section 10 (1) (a) Prohibition of certain public contests, performances and exhibitions with animals

We helped Mr. Muriithi understand the two above sections and he wrote an apology letter. After KSPCA tried washing the donkey with no success since the paint was sticky, he agreed to take the donkey home and allow the donkey to roll on the ground as they normally do and this will slowly and gently remove the paint with time without injuring the skin.

Therefore, we would like to request all political parties and the Kenyan citizen in general to cease and desist the misuse and abuse of animals for any political gain or civil movement.

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