KSPCA Rescues a Distressed Cat

The KSPCA  team received a call as well as a message on Facebook of a cat that had been trapped on an electric poll at Githurai area.

The cat was being chased by some dogs and she opted to quickly climb the electric poll for her safety, not knowing that she wouldn’t be able to descend.

The KSPCA field officers were quick to respond to the matter and were able to rescue the cat with their exemplary expertise.

The cat was brought to the KSPCA, vaccinated and got spayed.

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  1. Evan Kamau
    Evan Kamau says:

    Hello KSPCA
    Am greatly touched by good work you do, taking care of neglected animals as well as encouraging society co-exist at peace with animals.
    I look forward to be a member KSPCA very soon.


    • Marketing
      Marketing says:

      Hello Evans. We look forward to having you join this noble cause of protection of animals against cruelty. Thank you for your support.


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