KSPCA Nanyuki

This year Rose Caldwell in Timau has so far vaccinated  137 dogs, 31 donkeys and  3 cats against rabies and wormed 150 dogs 137 donkeys and 2 cats. All the donkeys carts have also been re numbered to allow for easier identification and were  given new harnesses.
Another vaccination campaign was held in Bulungi and vaccinated 25 dogs and 6 donkeys against rabies.
The Mount Kenya Event horse show raised 60,000/- shillings for KSPCA Nanyuki which has been split between the Timau donkey and dog clinics and the Nanyuki projects.
All animals from the TNR/Kspca sterilization  campaign have healed well including three dogs that were treated for transmissible venereal tumors and one dog that had an eye removed due to a nasty infection.
17 kittens have been rehomed from one household who had 6 female cats that were spayed during the campaign last month.
2 puppies have been adopted. Lilo and Stitch were siblings that were released to KSPCA from a farm near Nanyuki and have since both found loving homes.
The pictures above show 2 puppies are in foster homes that were handed over by the owners after the mother was spayed during the campaign as they were unable to feed them. Once vaccinated they will be up for adoption.
Blue Flame restaurant in Nanyuki reported a stray dog that had wandered into their restaurant. The dog was collected and is currently being cared for at North Kenya Veterinary Services. Lady is very timid and malnourished and needs a lot of TLC. Once she is stronger she will be spayed and vaccinated and will be up for adoption.
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  1. Linda Kariuki
    Linda Kariuki says:

    Good evening. There is a dog that needs help in Karatina. Are you able to pick it up from there? It’s with a student at Karatina University. She rescued it in terrible condition and nursed it back to reasonable health but she graduates in 6 days. She doesn’t know what to do with the dog now that she has to leave the University for good.


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