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KSPCA Naivasha

Closure of Donkey Slaughter House

In April, we celebrated the closure of the donkey slaughter house in Naivasha. As a consequence we have intensified our donkey work this month, and appreciate the expertise regarding donkeys that Amos, our Field Inspector, brings to our team.

Donkey Cart Numbering Program

Long term, we would like to initiate a program where donkey carts in Naivasha are registered and numbered to enable easier policing. However given the multiple large separate areas in Naivasha, and the numbers of carts and owners, this is a massive task which will take time to implement. We are working on forming a Donkey owners and users group as a Community Based Organisation.

We also plan to train some women to make good harnesses to sell.

Other News:

  • we have identified hot spots within Naivasha Subcounty
  • we are educating the community on harness principles i.e. other parts of harnessing apart from the necklace like: the saddle, breech, belly band, girth swingle tree etc.
  • identifying the causes and finding solutions for harness wounds.
  • making use of locally available materials to improve the harnesses.
  • working on cart balancing: we’ve identified a donkey user and are currently improving his cart and harness as an example for others to copy and learn from him.
  • with the collaboration of the community we have identified a local artisan at Naivasha town to modify the carts.
  • as we are patrolling the water points and busy donkey areas, we are educating people and introducing Animal Welfare principles according CAP 360; the five freedoms etc.
  • we also practically help by treating wounds, trimming hooves and have rescued some of the donkeys that should not be worked any more.
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  1. Roberta Lynn Njeri Maurer
    Roberta Lynn Njeri Maurer says:

    Hi. .I just wanted to thank you for taking care of the donkies. Also I have just relocated to naivasha and love horses and dogs..


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