KSPCA Naivasha

Rescues and Investigations

Our team received reports of the 2 dogs pictured below, that had been ensnared under unclear circumstances at Lakeview Estate in Naivasha and Naivasha Police quarters. We skillfully removed the wires and put them on treatment.

Early last month, a concerned animal lover reached out to us about rescuing a dog that used to be chained throughout by the owner at Komothai Village. We went there to do a welfare check and cautioned the owner about subjecting their dog to such conditions. We recently went back to assess the situation and there dog was in much better shape as compared to last month.

We investigated the state of dogs at Mudason Security Kennels in Gilgil. We recommended better war ways of taking care of the dogs, and educated the on the 5 animal freedoms. We shall be following up in a fortnight to ensure they are on the right track.

In collaboration with FSK, we did a welfare assessment of donkeys in Maaimahiu. We have plans of improving the donkey carts in the area.

Re-homing and Follow-ups

We rehomed Maskio & Nice at Coulson in Gilgil rehomed years back, so we went to do re-homing check, and the dogs are very happy!

Brindle (pictured below) found a forever home at Cheparelwe Ltd at Karagitan.

Carol was happy to have found 2 fur babies from our shelter!

In other news…

We are currently providing shelter to 49 dogs, 20 cats and 6 donkeys.

Dr. James & Dr. Tania came to help with sterilizing the dogs and cats in Naivasha. They spayed 6 dogs and 14 cats, and neutered 6 dogs and 9 cats.

We were approached by the Orpower Staff Quarters management to help them manage the population of the cats in the area. We trapped, neutered and returned 14 cats. We also trapped 6 cats from Kengen’s Upper Housing staff quarters units and 2 at Kamere town, which we neutered and returned . The mission was sponsored by Kengen’s CSR plan in collaboration with the KSPCA.


  1. I need a cat where can I reach you

    1. Hello. We are located in Karen, next to Hillcrest School.

  2. Diana’s everyday kit for traveling light:

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