KSPCA Naivasha (October)

The Naivasha shelter is currently home to 39 dogs, 12 cats and 3 donkeys. The shelter is under renovation courtesy of KENTAYLA. They are helping us tile the office, clinic, staff quarters and the kennels. They have also constructed the parking shade of the vehicle and soak pit.

Dr. James came from the Nairobi shelter to help us with sterilizing 9 dogs and 1 cat.

Rescues and Investigations

Rescued this dog from 20 feet pit latrine. The dog had been the in hole for three days it was spotted by school going children. Was removed safely and released to join its friend as it didn’t show any signs of injury. We talked to the area local administration to ensure the pit is well covered to prevent more accidents.

These 2 dogs were brought in the shelter with bite wounds after being attacked by other dogs. We also discovered they had tick fever while at that, and they were put on treatment.

We responded to a case of horses in poor body condition that used to carry people near Thompson falls. We found seven horses grazing along Nyahururu-Nanyuki highway; they were in good body condition although there was no one taking care of them. We tried to find the owner but we were informed he had travelled to Nakuru. We shall be making regular follow-ups on this case.

Rehoming Follow-ups

We followed up 2 cats and 4 dogs that had previously been adopted from us, in Nakuru. All of them had been kept well and looked happy.

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