We have had a difficult month in Naivasha, as our vehicle has been out of action for a few weeks, inhibiting our field work. However, we still managed to do a total of 78 different investigations and inspected five different slaughterhouses.

Among several sad rescues, where the animals were beyond our help, we did have some happy endings, for example saving a dog trapped in a snare, rescuing, treating, and successfully rehoming a dog with an advanced TVT tumor, and rescuing a blind donkey being worked in Mai Mahiu, who is now happily retired!

We have some very lovely puppies looking for loving homes, so please come and visit us.

We thank Loki ventures very much for their continued support with cat and dog food donations.

In January, we re-homed 4 dogs and admitted 13 dogs and 9 cats. We are currently providing shelter to 27 dogs, 9 cats and 7 donkeys.

Repairs and renovations are an ongoing mission as everything is done on a shoe string! We have recently put proper guttering on the facilities and the quarantine cattery and installed a 10,000-liter tank to collect the rainwater. We have also done some minor repairs on the kennel floors.

Rescues and Follow-ups.

We helped an outpatient dog with a bone stuck in the lower left jaw and cautioned the owner about safe feeding.

We rescued a donkey with the right hind foot chopped off from an unknown accident, spotted by some good Samaritans in Maaimahiu. He was humanely put down to relieve him from the pain.

Amos, one of the field officers from KSPCA Nairobi, joined us for donkey welfare investigations, education & awareness. We also rescued donkeys in distress at Maaimahiu; we rescued one blind donkey which was being worked.


We rescued the dog below from Sanctuary farm with a snare injury from poachers, he was attended to by Dr. Daniel and now recovering well.

Rex below was rescued from Kabati estates at Naivasha in October last year with advanced TVT stages. Dr. Daniel and Dr. James treated him and he got a good home at the end of January.


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