KSPCA Naivasha

Happy New Year to you all from the Naivasha KSPCA!

In December we re-homed 8 dogs and 2 cats. Currently, we have 25 dogs, 9 cats and 6 donkeys at the shelter.

We have done quite a few renovations to the Staff house, and Raphael has now moved in with his family, including a new baby boy who was born shortly after the move!

Other renovations to the catteries, kennels and stables are an ongoing mission, as everything is done on a shoestring.

Dr. Nyariki, our HQ vet from Nairobi, came to Naivasha to help with spaying and neutering of the dogs and cats at the shelter. He did 4 dog spays and 6 castrations, as well as 3 cat spays and 1 castration. A BVM student from Egerton University came in to learn and assist as well. We like to encourage vet students to do this as it is difficult for them to witness operations and gain practical experience.

We are sincerely grateful to the Director of Pet Pawfections, Cecilia Mwangi, for donating a large amount of cat and dog food. These donations are incredibly helpful in cutting down on our running costs, which is vital especially in these difficult times where we cannot hold fundraising events.


We rescued 2 donkeys that were both in terrible condition. The donkey with the leg injury has been treated and is recovering well at the shelter, but the 2nd donkey with a rectal prolapse was humanely put to sleep as he would not have recovered and was suffering.


A lady from Free Area estate in Nakuru (in black) reported that she had rescued a stray cat which later gave birth to 3 kittens while at her house. She approached us to help her shelter them and coincidentally a lady called Rozzy had called KSPCA Nairobi in need of a kitten. We linked the two ladies and Rozzy agreed to adopt all of the kittens instead of leaving some at the KSPCA shelter. We advised her on how to take good care of them, and we shall later follow up regarding  their vaccinations and spaying/neutering.

Follow-ups and Investigations

We did several follow-ups in Naivasha, Nanyuki and Elementeita regions with our ancient and exhausted vehicle, which did nearly 1500 km in the month of December. Our vehicle is really vital to our work, enabling us to cover many areas, and expand our work, including rescues, and the very important job of inspecting slaughter houses and ensuring they are using humane methods. Here are some of our happily re-homed dogs in their new homes.



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