KSPCA Naivasha

In November we re-homed 2 dogs and 2 cats. In house at present we have 28 dogs, 9 cats and 4 donkeys.

We have had some repairs going on at the staff quarters as well as the kennels.


We also did several investigations and follow-ups of re-homed animals in Naivasha and its environs.


We rescued a donkey with a serious limb injury in Mirera, Naivasha. The identified owner never reported, and we found the donkey struggling with the wound in the pastures without any veterinary attention. We brought him to the shelter and he is now receiving treatment.

Two donkeys were accidentally electrocuted to death by a loose connection from a street light tower at Karagita market. We advocated for repairing the electricity issue  and advised the owner to always monitor the whereabouts of his donkeys.

This poor dog was attacked  by other dogs during mating season and his ear was very badly injured. We rescued and treated him, and advised the owner to have him neutered.  We also rescued this dog  from Kongoni area in Naivasha, with an injury on the face. He is  recovering steadily at the shelter.



The final year students of Animal Science from Egerton University paid us a visit at the KSPCA Naivasha shelter. We took them through several animal welfare issues such as animal rescue systems, proper handling and care of animals, community education and awareness, as well as other common issues of concern. We finished with a practical demonstration of donkey handling & restraint, hoof trimming and  proper dog trapping methods.

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  1. Mercy Waigwa
    Mercy Waigwa says:

    Hope you’re well..
    I have seen your site and got interested about it.
    There are two donkey’s that are always mistreated in Karai Naivasha..always wounded.overloading..
    The owner mishandles the animals too much..
    Kindly help those animals

    • sam
      sam says:

      Hello Mercy. Thanks for reaching out. Please contact the Naivasha branch directly on 0795551425 for further assistance, or send us your contact and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

  2. Mike Finch - Newey
    Mike Finch - Newey says:

    I have tried to contact your head office by e mail but got lost in a maze of PIN s etc.
    Can you please advise me but I thought thought that bull fighting had been made illegal and if I am correct the KSPA ought to take action against the organizers of the fight from last week end.

    If it is not illegal then I believe that KWS should lobby to have it made so.

    Please let me know if I can be of any help. If you search my e mail address then you will see that I live in Laikipia so could maybe help out in my locality if you have a problem.

    I am lucky enough to have a job that makes me responsible for nearly 500 rhinos plus all other types of wildlife. It is bad enough to have to witness male wildlife fighting and have to contend with the injuries afterwards so to allow to allow fighting to happen between domesticated animals should not be tolerated.
    However I have a great admiration of your organization so please keep up the good work.


    Mike Finch – Newey


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