KSPCA Naivasha

There were no fundraising activities in October except for donations received through rehoming and goodwill. In October we re-homed 6 dogs and 3 cats. We also spayed 2 dogs and 3 cats and neutered 2 dogs and 4 cats.

In October, Raphael and Amos went on a 5 day trip to Eldoret and its environs, Kitale and Bungoma. They visited slaughterhouses, assessed stray dog and cat populations and held donkey welfare clinics. They practically improved the conditions of over 30 working donkeys.



In Naivasha, we currently have 29 dogs, 17 cats and 3 donkeys. Dr. Nyariki has been assisting with spaying and neutering of the dogs and cats.

We did several investigations and follow-ups of re-homed animals in Naivasha and its environs.



We rescued a dog from the Lake Naivasha public beach that had been hacked with a machete and as a result, the limb started rotting. The dog had to be out to rest.

We also rescued this dog that had been chained tightly causing a bad wound on the neck. He is at the shelter recovering steadily.

Other than that, we rescued 8 puppies that had been abandoned at Longonot Gate.

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