KSPCA Naivasha

In September we rehomed 7 dogs and 2 cats, spayed 3 dogs and 3 cats, and neutered 5 dogs. We also admitted 10 dogs and 9 cats.

We discovered and rescued these lovely kittens with their mum at the stables, and they are now safe at the quarantine cattery. A family has already adopted two of them.

We did a  follow up on one of the few donkeys remaining from the 100 donkey donation from Finlay Flowers Ltd to the community. Many of the donkeys were abused, and we rescued a good number of them. Some are living happily in retirement at Mayers Farm.

These adorable dogs found new forever homes…

Kuchi, a rehomed dog at Lakeview Estate, and Bolt and Maisha adopted by Jessica and Janet, now settled in Nakuru.


Burch and Lion at their home in Kayole


Dr. James Nyariki neutering dogs and cats in a spay/ neuter campaign. 4 cats and 3 dogs were spayed and 5 dogs were neutered.

We paid a visit to the ARN kennels in Kinamba. The kennels status have improved after many years of follow-up. We once confiscated poorly contained dogs. At the moment they are renovating the kennels properly, giving the dogs more space, good hygiene and enough light.

The mum and pups we told you about last month are all doing well including the adopted one! They will all be ready for their forever homes in a couple of weeks.

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