KSPCA Naivasha

In August, we re-homed 4 dogs and 1 cat. We also spayed 8 dogs and 3 cats and neutered 9 dogs and 2 cats.

John rescued this 3 week old puppy by the gate at Naivasha KSPCA. We have this mum and puppies so we put him with them and the mum has adopted him! He is the third from right.


We had a busy month doing general repairs at the Naivasha KSPCA, and our next project will be to renovate our kennels which are in a sad state. They were first built in 1997!


Our vehicle passed its inspection at Nyahururu, so is still staggering along; but we desperately need a new vehicle. We cover such a large area and the vehicle enables us to do this, and improve animal welfare in far reaching places, and do many rehoming checks.

We are always working on improving donkey harnesses to prevent wounds,  thanks to Amos for his experience and expertise in donkey matters.

This lucky little chap has recently gone to a good home!

Finally Dr James & Dr Cecilia combined efforts during a one day spay/neuter campaign in Naivasha.

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