KSPCA Naivasha

The Naivasha KSPCA has had a silver lining through this Covid-19 crisis, and we have done better than usual with rehoming our animals, especially dogs. While the majority of people want the dogs mainly for security reasons we do conduct rehoming checks and have visited them  to make sure they are good homes, and the dogs are well cared for and never locked up.

Here are some of our dogs in their new homes…


Meanwhile we still have many animals on our premises looking for good homes, so if you need a pet, please come and visit us!

Here are some of the animals we have that need good homes…


We have been continuing with our project to improve harnesses and carts for the donkeys in Naivasha, a huge and seemingly never ending task!!

July also saw us doing a lot of slaughter house checks, and we are trying to encourage as many slaughter houses as possible to buy the stunners and use humane methods. Sadly there are many places that still use barbaric methods of slaughter which is unacceptable, and we try to do what we can with our limited resources.

Our vehicle, which is the old donkey ambulance from Nairobi, is on its last legs, and we would like to appeal for any help possible to get a new vehicle. Ideally it should be able to be converted to carry donkeys, but even a Probox would help us emormously as we cover such a large area around Naivasha, including Mai Maahiu, Nakuru, GilGil, Nyahururu, Suswa, and even as far as Eldoret!

Thanks as always for your support, and keep safe!

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