In the month of September we re-homed 6 dogs and 1 cat. No  donkeys were re-homed. We also admitted 18 dogs, 8 cats and 2 donkeys. We are currently providing shelter to 27 dogs, 17 cats and 4 donkeys. We carried out 49 dog, 10 cats and 7 donkey investigations.


The new van received in August was in good condition. A few maintenance works were done at the Kentalya garage and it now in use in covering the enormous area that our unit deals with while carrying out our rescue missions to help animals in need.

Rescues and Investigations 

Our team received  a report of stray dogs posing danger to children around Nakuru Bondeni estate. The team investigated and it was established that the dogs were threatening to bite school going children around there.  The dogs were trapped and brought into the shelter.


We also received another heartbreaking report of an abandoned mama dog who had  just given birth to puppies at Elgeyo Marakwet. Our team responded  to the case and the mother and puppies were rescued and safely brought into the shelter where they are receiving specialized care.


When our rescues find forever homes, it makes us happy that we are achieving our mission. Below are some pictures of some of our rescues who are living wonderful lives in their new homes.

The pictures below show Bambi, Snowy, Zoro and Trump who were rehomed from the Nairobi shelter last year and  are living happily in their new home in Elementaita. We are always happy when our rescues get permanent and forever homes.


The pictures below show 2 cats and 2 puppies at Green Park on Northlake road.  The lovely  puppies are being fostered by Andrea and she might consider adopting them.



The pictures below show Francis and his rescue dogs at his home in Elementaita. We have been educating Francis on the importance of vaccination and spay/ neuters  as well as basic dog care. He has also assimilated  training and rewarding methods. As seen in the picture below he is giving treats  to his rescue dogs after successful training.

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