In the month of August we re-homed 7 dogs. No cats or donkeys were re-homed. We also admitted 9 dogs, 1 cat and 1 donkey. We are currently providing shelter to 23 dogs, 18 cats and 4 donkeys. We carried out 23 dog, 3 cats and 17 donkey investigations.


The old ambulance was broken down since January this year and needed a good amount of cash to
repair. We sold it off in August. Meanwhile we have been using taxis, motorbikes and public transport to
carry out the missions and fortunately it was good ending of the month of August as we received a newly acquired van.

We are delighted with our new vehicle which we purchased for Naivasha. We would like to thank Specialised Fibreglass for adapting it into an Animal Ambulance and Maxxis Tyres for donating two new tyres. This vehicle will help us to cover the enormous area that the Naivasha unit deals with and help many more animals in need.

August Field Trip

From 14th to 19th we interviewed the Star Brilliant staff, Kayole, Kamere (Naivasha), Njoro, Suswa, Farming Systems Kenya Nakuru& Narok offices and the community on their opinions on the Use of Animals (Donkeys in Kenya) in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The research was being conducted by a Brazilian sociologist Mariana based in France for the work. The community was very open in their responses to the researcher. We are hoping to hear from Mariana on the outcome of the research.


Rescues and Investigations

We investigated a report of cruelty to dogs . It was established that the owners kept them locked up in small kennels all day with barely any food and water to get by. We educated them on proper care of guard dogs and plan to do follow up visits to see if the situation has improved.











When our rescues find forever homes, it makes us happy that we are achieving our mission. Below are some pictures of some of our rescues who are living wonderful lives in their new homes.

The pictures below show dogs who were rehomed from the Nairobi shelter last year and  are living happily in their new home in Elementaita. We are always happy when our rescues get permanent and forever homes.



We conducted education on animal welfare and created awareness on humane slaughter to Animal Health students at the Naivasha abbatoir and showed them various aspects of animal welfare. We also conducted slaughter house visits in Karagita abbatoir and the Gilgil abbatoir.


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