KSPCA Naivasha

In July we re-homed 5 dogs. We also admitted 13 dogs, 22 cats and 1 donkey. We are currently providing shelter to 34 dogs, 18 cats and 5 donkeys.

Many thanks to Kentalya Limited and their masons who facilitated the repairs of the dog kennels and catteries. Thanks to their support we managed to finalize on the repairs and now our rescues have a better place to stay.

Dr. James visited from KSPCA Nairobi to sterilize the dogs and cats at the shelter. He managed to spay and neuter 5 dogs and 3 cats.











We also visited and did an assessment about stray dogs reported in Kamere and Banda(Kihoto) beaches in Naivasha. It was established that there was a population of about 100 dogs. The team made plans to intervene and hold a sterilization campaign to control the population.

Rescues and Investigations

A dog that had been abandoned at the Lake Elementaita beach was rescued by Olivia who was visiting a resort near Nakuru. She informed us and opted to take in the poor dog. We assisted her in grooming the dog and referred her to a vet for general check up. We are happy that the dog was lucky to find a permanent and loving new home.



When our rescues find forever homes, it makes us happy that we are achieving our mission. Below are some pictures of some of our rescues who are living wonderful lives in their new homes.

Kuchi and her friend who were originally rescues from Morendat are now living happily in their new home in Lakeview.










Sari and her friend visited the shelter accompanied by a dog she adopted from us and gave him the second chance he needed since he previously suffered from mange, arthritis and old age. We are impressed by the transformation and he is aging gracefully.


We conducted education on animal welfare and created awareness on humane slaughter to the Dairy Training Institute of Naivasha final year students. We explained the role of KSPCA in promoting animal welfare and had an interactive time with them. They also made a donation of 100 bales of hay to support us.










We are also sincerely grateful to Livewire Limited for a donation of 200 bales of hay, La Pieve Limited for 30 bales of hay and Oserian Limited for donating 50 bales of Hay. This will go a long way in feeding our donkeys at the shelter.

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