KSPCA Naivasha

Rescues and Investigations.

During field work at Naivasha with Netty, we came across many donkeys suffering. They had severe wounds as a result of being whipped. We had to euthanize the foal below with a rectal prolapse and an injured limb, as a result of being hit by a vehicle while on the road.

We revisited the ARN kennels at Kinamba; the health of the dogs has improved compared to the last visit two months ago. We also checked Wamadogs Kennels and there’s a great improvement in the kennel management as well.

Below is Dr. Daniel assessing the horses at the Gilgil horse show. We assessed the Anti-Stock Theft Unit horses hosting the show; there is a need for improvement on the feeding and general care of the horses.  The horse in the second photo was removed from the race because of the state of its’ hooves and medical treatment was needed.


Below are photos showing the Suswa livestock market which we recently visited. We found out that the market operates from early morning until late in the evening but the animals (mostly cattle, sheep, goats and donkeys) have no drinking water available all day. We also found out that cattle are usually whipped and mishandled when being loaded onto trucks. The animals also overstay in trucks before leaving the market, and there is overloading as well. The county Government of Narok is improving on the structures and management of the market and we will follow up to see whether the considerations will be adhered to.


Re-homing follow-ups

Lynne and Neil fostered a puppy which settled very well into their home. They have found him his new forever home at the coast. What a lucky puppy!

Below are two happy dog owners that adopted their pets from us.


More happy owners with their lucky adopted pets.


 In other news…

In June, we re-homed 5 dogs and 3 cats. We also admitted 25 dogs, 3 cats and 1 donkey. We are currently providing shelter to 40 dogs, 6 cats and 5 donkeys.

We have repainted the dog quarantine kennel, cattery, the office and the staff quarters. We are also doing some repairs on the old dog kennels.


Our vehicle has been out of service since January, so we have been using hired transport (motorbikes and taxis) to carry out investigations and rescues. We also occasionally use the Nairobi vehicles whenever they are around for spay/neuter campaigns.


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