In May, we re-homed 3 dogs and 4 cats. We also admitted 23 dogs and 4 cats and 7 donkeys. We are currently providing shelter to 39 dogs, 8 cats and 8 donkeys.

Dr. Cecilia came to the shelter to help us with spaying/neutering of the cats and dogs. She spayed 4 dogs, 4 cats and neutered 4 dogs.


The couple below, Anjela and Rammon, are currently on their vacation from Los Angeles. They happened to rescue some kittens which they helped us foster and we successfully got them new homes.

Rescues and Investigations.

We did a donkey welfare check in Kabati area. The donkeys had severe wounds due to to poor harnessing and whipping. We advised the owners to refrain from making the donkeys work. Instead, they should seek veterinary care for the donkeys until the wounds are completely healed.

We also did a routine random check of donkeys at Kongoni- Maiella. We bumped into 6 donkeys carrying heavy building stones on a poorly built cart. We instructed them to build more carts with shafts for the donkeys to pull them comfortably.

We admitted the donkey below who had an eye infection. He was treated and returned to the owner.

Below is a community of disappointed donkey owners at Kayole, Naivasha, witnessing the burning of two donkey remains. Unknown people had raided one of the homes in the neighborhood and stole the donkeys, which they butchered in a bush. The donkeys belonged to an owner we had recently improved the standard of the cart for the purposes of educating other donkey users.


The photo below shows Raphael inspecting a new kennel and bed at Inka Homes. He advised the owners to repair the spaces left on the dog bed since it can cause serious injuries to dogs.

This dog sneaked into someone’s home at Kayole Estate. We went to her rescue and she is now under good care at the shelter.

This cat was admitted for treatment from Nyondia area. KSPCA remains a helping center for many animals whose owners do not know much about veterinary care.



Below are photos of two families with their dogs which they adopted from the shelter.



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