KSPCA Naivasha

In April, we re-homed 5 dogs and 3 cats. We also admitted 16 dogs and 9 cats. We are currently providing shelter to 42 dogs, 15 cats and 4 donkeys.

Our vehicle has not been working since January. However, Amos from KSPCA Nairobi came with the Nairobi animal ambulance and we were able to do some donkey work in Maimahiu and Naivasha town. We also did several slaughterhouse checks i.e Star Brilliant, Gilgil, Naivasha and Nyondo.

Dr. James from Nairobi KSPCA and Dr. Desmond from TNR came to spay and neuter the dogs and cats at the shelter. They managed to spay and neuter 11 dogs and 1 cat.

Below is Dr. Daniel who regularly helps us with emergencies of this nature, and we are very grateful for his support. He performed a successful surgery to castrate one of the donkeys above, that went to Thika. He also assisted an outpatient donkey by removing a tumor on the forehead and casted a dog’s fractured foot. He helps us with emergencies of this nature.

Rescues and Investigations.

We did a donkey welfare check in Maaimahiu and Kabati Naivasha; the donkey work needs continual follow-ups to prevent mistreatment. During this campaign we identified the wounded donkeys and advised their users to stop making them work and seek veterinary care for the donkeys ASAP. We showed them how to make proper harnesses to avoid potential future wounds. We will follow up to ensure the donkeys are not working until the wounds are healed properly.


We visited a dog trainer during a dog training session training at Flower Business Park private residence to ensure their methods of training adhere to the animal welfare standards. The trainer, Mr. Javan, is experienced in training dogs with Action for Cheetahs Kenya. He uses verbal learning until the dog grasps the commands. No pain infliction or hunger strikes incidences were cited in his sessions.

We also inspected the Ridgeback School Dog Masters at Inka Homes security dogs during their training session. This upcoming private residence is building its own security guards and dogs. The dogs are taught obedience and security lessons. Our mandate here was to oversee the construction of the kennels, and ensure the dogs are well fed and taken good care of.


Below are photos of two families with their cats which they adopted from the shelter. The month of March historically means a lot of breeding of cats and many kittens are found abandoned, surrendered and/or rescued at our shelters. We are happy that after all this happens and they get homes our mission is achieved. Otherwise they can be a source of stray cats population explosions.


Julia Tatton below is fostering three puppies at her home in Gilgil’s Ridgemount estates. Two of the puppies were surrendered from a dog breeder in Naivasha and the other one was surrendered from the community around. We’re hoping she finds them good homes.

We rehomed these two donkeys in Thika. The donkeys were originally rescues from accidents as orphaned foals, so have luckily had wonderful lives in two previous homes at Kedong. However, both of their previous owners moved away from Naivasha and they could not take the donkeys with them. We’re happy that they now have a permanent happy home in this new serene compound in Thika.


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