KSPCA Naivasha

February was a tough month for us as our ancient donkey ambulance has been terminally ill in hospital! Without a vehicle, our work is very restricted and it is frustrating that we cannot achieve all that we want and need to.

Despite this we were busy, and managed to do 45 investigations, re-homed 5 dogs and 5 cats, and admitted 31 dogs and 1 cat. We are currently providing shelter to 37 dogs, 5 cats and 7 donkeys.

We would like to say a big thank you to Andrea, a volunteer, who donated 100 kg of dog food and Ksh 5000.

Rescues and Investigations

We rescued  a bitch with 8 puppies from a garage, where they were living in appalling conditions. We treated them and they are under rehabilitation.

The dog below was rescued from Sanctuary farm. He had a traumatic wound on his back, which Dr. Daniel stitched.

We also rescued this dog from Naivasha town. He had a broken hind foot and had internal injuries as well. Unfortunately he died while undergoing treatment.

We had re-homed the dog below but he was later brought back for treatment after developing tumours on the frontal facial bones. Dr. Daniel had to put the dog to sleep because of the extent of the tumors.

We have been monitoring various places in Naivasha that breed dogs, and also have guard dogs, and are working hard to improve the circumstances of these poor animals.

We are constantly appalled by the way that many people seem to think it is ok to keep and treat their dogs. Locking them in boxes, or in small hard concrete kennels is such a common practice and is very cruel! Dogs are sentient beings and need both their physical and psychological well being taken care of, or their physical and emotional health will suffer. Dogs tend to become either very afraid, or unpredictable and aggressive in these circumstances. The photo below illustrates how not to keep a dog.



This lovely puppy found his forever loving home at Gilgil.

We also re-homed 2 cats in a stable in Green park. The cats are semi-friendly but this will be a good home for them.


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