We had quite a number of cats brought in during the month, dogs were also brought and we are desperate to find homes for both the dogs and the cats. So, if anyone is looking for a nice dog or cat, please call us on 0733 728 356 and book an appointment for a visit.


Rescued Dog

One very sad case we received during our daily duties at KSPCA is of a dog which was thrown down from the 3rd floor of a house in Kisauni by a neighbour. When we questioned the owner, he said that, the dog lives on the balcony and he sometimes locks it up during the day. He said that the neighbour had in several occasions complained about his dog barking all the time. He also said that he had been to Nyali police and reported the matter.  The dog was admitted at the shelter and upon examination by our vet, it was found to have injured both his front legs. The next day he was taken for x-ray and unfortunately his right leg had a fracture. We tried to contact the owner on several occasions so the vet can discuss the treatment with not much success. The dog is now with the Isapet vet clinic recovering from the trauma.


In other news…

We haven’t had any cases of rabid dogs being brought in recently but please do make sure that all your dogs and cats vaccinations are up to date.

There were no slaughter houses visited during the month.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the hotels nearby are closed therefore we are not getting any leftover foods so we are having to buy dogs and cats food.  Our appreciation and grateful thanks to all the members and supporters who continue to send us donations.  It is really good to know that so many care and we hope to continue the Society’s work which is important to the well being of not only the animals we rescue but for the communities at large. We also want to thank Coast Anglo Meats company at Ratna Square, Nyali who sell us mince meat at a reduced rate which all helps to keep the animals fed.

Without your support KSPCA would not be able to house, feed, vaccinate, neuter or find homes for all the animals, which pass through its doors.    We would not be able to investigate the many reports of cruelty, which we continue to receive day after day.

Again our sincere thanks to you ALL


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  1. Khadija
    Khadija says:

    Hi. Am in mombasa. Can anyone advice me on where I can take my kitten for routine check ups and vaccine. Private need lots of cash. 3 kitten 18,000sh.

  2. Sammy
    Sammy says:

    Hy I am Sammy from Mombasa mikindani indeed a dog to adopt for my brothers birthday party we like dogs because they are friendly to people please tell me where and when will you help me to find the dog

    • sam
      sam says:

      Hello. No we do not have a branch in Nyandarua. Kindly seek further assistance from the sub-county vet department in your area.

  3. shadrack mwema
    shadrack mwema says:

    Hi. I have two sister kitten and would like to release them to KSPCA because my son is going back to school and there will be no one to take care of them when am away. How do they reach you?

  4. Malcolm
    Malcolm says:

    I want to know where to find exotic pets.we have a huge compound(two acres) and all we have are some chicken(for food) and two terriers.i have found a pet shop but all i will be to get from them are some fish and turtles.i wouldn’t mind something like rabbits or a peacock. also,how many times a year should my dogs be vaccinated?

  5. Ikaal
    Ikaal says:

    Hi, my cat is pregnant,she is really nice but i wont be able to manage her plus new babies due to space issues .i cant just give it to anyone i want to be sure she or her kittens will be treated kindly.if anyone is interested please whatsapp me on 0714099675

  6. Thomas Schiering
    Thomas Schiering says:

    Dear Friends,

    Hope you doing well in this difficult time.
    I would like to ask if you have actually dog puppies at Mombasa shelter?
    I would like to take home may a male and a female.
    If you have photos please send them to my email.
    I like to prepare now, because
    I will come from Diani / Ukunda after the travel restriction ends,
    Thanks in advance.
    My mobile number is :
    0798 40 54 30
    P. S. Before I hat two Rottweilers for more than 13 year’s and I have enough space for them.
    But now I open minded for any type of dog.
    On the other hand I have three cats and two small kids.

    • Marketing
      Marketing says:

      Hello Tammy. Yes, but at the moment we’re not taking in volunteers because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you.


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