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August was incredibly quiet with very few visitors. Most hotels were empty. As a result there was very little left over food available for us.  We admitted 6 dogs and 74, and rehomed 8 dogs and 15 cats. We had many tiny kittens brought in. We have a serious stray cat problem here and have been doing a lot of trapping recently.

We are still waiting to hear what Brooke East Africa, via the County Veterinary Board, are going to do with regard to the stray donkey situation here in Mombasa. 

Finances:  We were very fortunate to be left some money by a Swiss lady – Shs. 178,327/-.   That made our Bank Account look a lot more healthy than normal!   We have two fund raising events in October – the Chris Seex Memorial Golf Competition up at Vipingo Ridge on the 2nd October and the Diani Goat Derby, organized by Pauline McKenzie (EAWL) in the middle of October. Then we have our Christmas Craft Fair at the Bahari Beach Hotel on the 19th November

Premises: The rain seems to have stopped for the moment and the weather is getting hot and humid again.   The ceiling has been put in the clinic area now. It just needs painting and the wiring completed.


  1. I wanna give my cats out plz accept them

    1. Hello. We are very limited on space at the moment. Please check with Nairobi Feline Sanctuary who might be in a better position to help.

      1. Hi KSPCA Mombasa..
        I have 8 kittens and 2 adults female cats i wanna give for adoption…I don’t want them to stray around. Thanks and Please advice.

        1. Hello. Please get in touch with the Mombasa branch on 0733728356 for further assistance.

        2. Are they still available?

        3. Hi, I am looking to adopt a kitten in mombasa for free or not to expensive could anyone help

          1. Hello Peter,
            Please contact KSPCA Mombasa branch at 0733728356 for further assistance. Please note that the adoption fee applies to all adoptable pets, ranging different prices with each branch.

            To adopt from KSPCA Nairobi, please visit our website at https://kspca-kenya.org/adopt-a-pet/. You can also reach us directly on 0733 571 125/0703283701 for any inquiries. For a warm and personalized experience, we warmly welcome you to visit us during our rehoming hours, available from Mondays to Saturdays, 0900hrs to 1600hrs.

    2. Don’t do that, find them homes. And get them spayed so they don’t have kittens. This is what makes Kspca be overpopulated. I feel sorry for the cats

  2. Hello kspca, i’m looking for a kitten to adopt here in mombasa and i wanna see my options, i hope to see pictures and/or videos of them but i haven’t found a whatsapp contact number or something. mine is 0101272764 (only for whatsapp) thank you very much.

    1. Hello. Please contact the Mombasa branch on 0733728356 for further assistance.

  3. I have a 1yr old cat but i its really out of control Attacked me twice and my daughter,injuries that lead to the hospital.Attacked a neighbour’s kid too.
    I really wanna put it in a shelter coz i cant be with it anymore.

    1. Hello Carol. As your comment is on a KSPCA Mombasa post, we suppose that’s where you are located. Please contact the Mombasa branch on 0733728356 for further assistance.

  4. Hello kcpsa I have 4 kittens and I would like to get them neckbands.Where should I get them I’m in Mombasa

    1. Hello Nusra. Sorry, we do not have a particular reference, but you can check online.

  5. Our disabled ♿ children’s center is very thankful for the 2 dogs & cat that our children received it’s so pleasent to see how the children are fascinated by the new members of the family. Be blessed

    1. Hello Lizzy,
      We are very pleased that the family is blending.

  6. Hi.
    I have a roughly 10 month old kitten that needs spaying asap because I feel any day now or in the very near future she will go into heat.

    I however cannot afford the high fee clinics are asking for. Is there a more affordable option you could suggest?

    1. Hello,
      Please share your location with us so as we can recommend you to the nearest veterinary clinic.

  7. Jambo!

    In 1996-1997 I spent one year in Kenya and worked as volunteer for KSPCA Mombasa and lived by KSPCA. Aïsha Khan was the chief at this time.

    I came back to visit you in 2008 with my kids.

    We’ve just arrived on the coast from Kakamega to visit our kenyan friends and look forward to visiting KSPCA !

    Kind regards
    Manuela Weber-Mérillat

    1. Jambo Manuela,

      We are thrilled to receive your warm greetings and to reconnect with someone who has been part of the KSPCA Mombasa family.
      As you arrive on the coast and plan to visit KSPCA, please know that you are always welcome here.

      Our location remains the same:
      KSPCA Mombasa Malindi Rd, Nyali Mombasa, Kenya
      Feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected] or by phone at +254 733 728356 if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit. We look forward to sharing our progress with you and introducing you to our current endeavors.
      Thank you for staying connected, and we look forward to your visit.

      Warm regards,
      KSPCA Team

  8. Hi KSPCA Mombasa..
    I have 1 Male cat i wanna give for adoption…I don’t want it to stray around. Thanks and Please advice.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for contacting KSPCA regarding the search for a home for your pet.
      We are sorry, but currently our shelter is not accepting any more animals. However, there are online groups that may be able to assist you find a loving home for your pet. We recommend posting pictures of your pets for possible adoption.

      The Real dog lovers of Kenya


      Cat Lovers Kenya


      We kindly encourage you to consider sterilizing your pet for their well-being and to prevent future litter. If you’d like more information, please contact us on 0733 571125.

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