KSPCA Mombasa (September 2022)

AnimalsSeptember was generally quiet. The weather is hot and humid now, which means that we are starting to have a flea problem again. We re-homed 5 dogs and 22 cats, and neutered 8 dogs and 24 cats. We admitted in 18 dogs and 86 cats. A large number of the cats were very tiny kittens with no mother and in most cases these tiny little ones very seldom make it whatever we try and do. One of the dogs that we brought in had 8 very nice healthy puppies. We had a sad case of a small Vervet monkey brought in that had been electrocuted  and all the flesh on one arm had been burnt off. We took it straight to the vet and it was put to sleep.  

We had a zoom meeting with Brooke East Africa, the County Veterinary Board, and other stakeholders, with regard to the stray donkeys in the Shanzu/Bamburi areas. Unfortunately, many people were not able to attend the meeting. People in these areas are being sensitized to this problem and the people wanting to have these donkeys are being vetted to make sure that they have suitable premises  and know how to handle donkeys. 

Premises: We are having problems with our old computer and  now need a new monitor as it is difficult to read what is on the computer.  The UPS keeps crashing every time there is a power glitch and of course the computer also goes off. Our IT specialist will be coming to try and sort it out for us; and we’ll appreciate any donation of a monitor/computer system to help us in the office. Please reach us on [email protected] / 0733728356. Other than that, one of our old freezers needed a new compressor but we managed to get a re-conditioned one.

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