Happy New Year-2021 from us all at KSPCA Mombasa to you.

In December, we re-homed 5 dogs and 13 cats. We also spayed/neutered 13 dogs and 24 cats.

We had 1 case of rabies – a dog in a terrible condition, and she had 6 puppies that all had Parvo.

We brought in a donkey with very severe wounds which had been caused by fighting. He is now on the mend and doing well.

We received a report from the Government Vet, Dr. Mwita, who called us about a pig causing a lot of trouble at Kiembeni Estate. We brought her in and got food in etc for her. Her owners arrived the next day and after seeing Dr. Mwita we allowed them to take their pig home.

Pauline McKenzie organized the Diani Dog Show at the Safari Beach Hotel which was a lovely venue.    Considering the times, this went very well.  We had 41 dogs and made Kshs. 120,000. Masks were worn and social distancing observed. It was a good turn out and many raffle tickets were sold.

Our Toyota Hilux was in the garage for 2-3 weeks to have all the rust sorted out and also a major service and we had the seats re-done. It is now in very good order.


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