In November, we had 23 dogs and 52 cats admitted, 49 dogs and 56 cats were treated and 22 dogs and 29 cats were spayed/neutered.  At the end of November we had 66 dogs and  112 cats – this included many kittens.

We were called out to a catch a dog that was causing a lot of trouble, was being very aggressive and had in fact bitten a couple of people. We went straight out and collected the dog which turned out to have full blown rabies, emaciated and it could hardly walk.  She was put down immediately and the head sent to Mariakani. She has 7 puppies which we brought in and placed in our Isolation Unit but it turns out they have Parvo!

A very badly injured dog was brought in inside a wooden box in a Tuktuk.   The people who brought it in said it was their dog that had gone missing and this is how they found it.


We had a very successful Christmas Craft Fair at the Bahari Beach Hotel.   There were 45 tables all well spaced out.   Some were in an air-conditioned Conference Room and the rest were outside under very large tents.  Considering the pandemic and the crazy hot and humid weather that we are having at the moment, we had a good turnout.




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