KSPCA Mombasa

At the moment (November 2020) we have a total of 64 dogs and 94 cats.  We admitted 11 dogs and 47 cats.  We also spayed/neutered 15 dogs and 27 cats.

We have had more problems with pythons from the Nature Trail and one of our wonderful supporters has given us 2 rolls of wire.  This we have put round our Cattery 8 and also across the back gate which leads direct into the Nature Trail.  Hopefully this will keep other things out as well.

We are getting some leftover food from the hotels but we are running a bit short on the donated dog and cat food that we have been receiving. We’ll also be forced to put our pick-up into the garage to have the rust sorted out and will have to find some funding for this.

In the course of the month, we were called out to bring in a rabid dog from the Kiembeni area by the Government Vet, Dr. Mwita.

We will be holding our Christmas Craft Fair at the Bahari Beach Hotel, Nyali on the 28th November, 2020.   Everyone will be required to wear a mask, sanitizers will be available and social distancing observed.

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