KSPCA Mombasa

We were called out quite late one evening.  There were two dogs, a Rotty and a RottyX  that had bitten a child on the head at the beach.  The Security Company (SGA) brought the dogs to the KSPCA.  This became a Police case.

We had to do some cat trapping at the Aga Khan Hospital as they were going into the Wards.

We brought in 11 dogs and 48 cats, and re-homed 10 dogs and 11 cats.  We also treated 46 dogs and 59 cats. Other than that, we neutered 23 dogs and 35 cats.  At the moment, we have a total of 65 dogs and 81 cats.


Never throw a box away when you have a cat! It’s just the best bed! And a dustpan too!

We have a date for our Christmas Craft Fair at Bahari Beach Hotel – the 28th November.  However, we are waiting to see what happens before we actually confirm the date.  All the tables have been booked but not paid for until we can be sure that it will go ahead.


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    JACOB MALABA says:

    Honestly, cats love box ,it’s like play or hiding site for them. i my love pet .I have located to boxes at different position. I love how it always make useful of them.


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