KSPCA Mombasa

In September, we took in 15 dogs and 38 cats.  We managed to re-home 9 dogs and 12 cats, treated 44 dogs and 51 cats, and spayed/neutered 20 dogs and 27 cats.

Being next to the Nature Trail does bring its problems!  One night we had a bush pig come through our back gate which leads into the Nature Trail and it caused mayhem.  It tore about all over the premises for most of the night chasing the dogs who all took refuge in various places before it finally found its way out again.

One morning we found a regurgitated cat in our Cattery 8. It was a sad scenario, since she had only been spayed a week before. Although we hunted high and low we were unable to find the python so presumably it had gone back into the Nature Trail.

Cat Lovers and Loki Ventures donated 8 bags of 15kg cat biscuits to us – our cats think that Christmas has arrived!  Loki have also been supplying us with dog food and we are incredibly grateful for their help. One of our office cats helping herself straight from the bag of food! We have actually started our food runs again to 2 of the hotels and have been getting some fresh meat and fish which has been a great help.

We have been invaded by 1000s of caterpillars today in our Cattery 3; we are trying to deal with them. Blimey, if it is not pythons or bush pigs we now have caterpillars everywhere and they are literally dropping out of the tree on top of us!


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