In the month of June, we took in 21 dogs and 60 cats.  We have been doing quite a lot of cat trapping; some of them have been neutered, vaccinated and returned, which has helped. We have unfortunately lost some puppies to Parvo but have now got that under control.  This is always our worry when tiny puppies come in, too young to be vaccinated against Parvo, looking healthy and then ……. We re-homed 15 dogs and 15 cats in June. 30 cats and 18 dogs were neutered.

Very sadly our little black 3 legged office dog was taken by a python one evening.   The Mombasa KSPCA is the end section of the Nature Trail and we are against the forest where there are a number of very large pythons.   This is not the first time we have lost an animal to pythons.

A big thank you to  Zahid of Aquapet for their kind donation of food. Two sacks of 100kg,  and a lot of smaller ones. This has been a huge help, and our very sincere thanks to Zahid, who really has been a wonderful supporter over the years.

We have now got our Hilux Pick-Up through its Vehicle Inspection (it was closed for quite some time) and we have also got a general service done so all is good to go.  The vehicle is running well but, like all vehicles at the coast, it has some rust patches which will need to be dealt with.

Recently we were called out to bring in a stray dog.  It turned out to be an Irish Wolfhound cross.  He is a lovely dog who has already been neutered. We believe the dog had been abandoned. He is incredibly thin. We have de-wormed and vaccinated him and the best medicine that we can give him now is plenty of food.

The premises is looking very nice after all the rain.

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